Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to save documents to external SD card

It is disabled to save documents to external SD card from Android 4.4.

But you can save documents to the external SD card by "Other Could Storage"

1. Select "Save" or "Save As..." and Select "Other Could Storage"

2. Select action overflow and Select "Show SD card"

3. Select app icon and  Select external SD card

SO, you can save documents to external SD card!


  1. Has this been updated? A different menu shows now. I can't save to my SD card with this app. The method you showed doesn't work anymore.

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    2. Edit:

      I found out how to get it to work. It is different from this method though.

      Here is how you get it to work:

      1) Hit "Save" or "Save As..."

      2) Hit "Other Cloud Storage"

      3) Decide the name of the file you're saving, then hit "OK"

      After you hit "OK": if "SD card" shows in the new menu that comes up, then skip steps 4 through 6.

      If "SD Card" does not show in the menu, continue with step 4:

      4) Hit "settings" on the bottom of the screen.

      5) Hit "display advanced devices"

      6) Hit the arrow back to go back to the menu, then "SD card" should show up now.

      7) Hit "SD card" and go to the folder where you want to save your file, and save your file.