Wednesday, July 24, 2013

About AutoCorrect, Help and Template

AutoCorrect, Help and Template of OpenOffice is very useful function.

But AutoCorrect of AndrOpen Office is disabled to keep performance.

And Help and Template function are disabled to save application size.

But I want to be enabled these functions.

Monday, July 22, 2013

OpenOffice for Android

AndrOpen Office is the world's first port of Apache OpenOffice for Android.

You can view, edit, export office documents using full features of Apache OpenOffice with your Android device.

AndrOpen Office has 6 components:

  • Writer (a word processor)
  • Calc (spreadsheet)
  • Impress (presentation graphics)
  • Draw (drawing)
  • Base (database)
  • Math (equation editor)

Enjoy OpenOffice !

* AndrOpen Office is forked project from the Apache OpenOffice project.
AndrOpen Office is not affiliated with the Apache OpenOffice project.