Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to save documents to external SD card

It is disabled to save documents to external SD card from Android 4.4.

But you can save documents to the external SD card by "Other Could Storage & SD Card"

1. Select "Save" or "Save As..." and Select "Other Could Storage"

2. Select action overflow and Select "Show SD card"

3. Select app icon and  Select external SD card

SO, you can save documents to external SD card!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Database Is Available Now

Database is available now.

In Older version, database has many bugs and almost doesn't works.

Now, in version 2.3.4, you find database works correctly.

This is first to be enabled to use database with high level operations in Android device.

You can create, open and edit ODB files.

Also, you run query with SQL statements.

There are some limitations with database:

  • not supported JDBC drivers (MySQL, Oracle Database and so on)
  • There are still some bugs

Enjoy Database with AndrOpen Office!

Monday, September 7, 2015

AndrOpen Office 2.3.3 Released

AndrOpen Office version 2.3.3 is released.


Save session files in going to background

Sometimes, app is terminated by system in going to background.

So if app is terminated, in the next launching, you saw recovery dialog but recovered file is not latest in the older version.

Because saving back up files for recovery (called saving session) is only one time in 15 minutes by default.

From this version, the app is saved session in going to background immediately and recover documents in the next launch automatically.

If the app is terminated or crashed, now you can get latest document without saving.

New Features

Enable to quit app by back key

Until the older version, it is necessary to press X button for quitting this app.

From this version, you can quit this app by pressing back key.

Bug Fixes

Fix for crashing in background

There is some problems of crashing in background.

This is fixed.