Tuesday, September 17, 2013

AndrOpen Office 1.2.7 Released

AndrOpen Office version 1.2.7 is released.

New Features

Add configuration screen (Enable setting interface scaling)

You can configure interface scaling.


Enlarge toolbar icon

Input from IME

Inputting from IME is little improved.

Bug Fixes

Enable opening from Google Drive (Enable opening read-only file)

When you open documents from Google Drive app, it is opened as read-only file.
AndrOpen Office is enabled it by read-only mode.

Monday, September 2, 2013

AndrOpen Office 1.2.6 Released

AndrOpen Office version 1.2.6 is released.

New Features

Hide / show buttons by pinch in / out

I assigned pinch in / out to hiding / showing buttons.
I want to assign pinch in / out to zoom in /out.
(But It is little difficult technically.)

Force exit by long tap of X button

You can force exit when application is hanged.

Bug Fixes

Fix for localization of menu

A part of menu was not localized for missing resource.
I added localization data so the application grows little bigger size.
Sorry for my big application ; )