Friday, December 6, 2013

AndrOpen Office 1.3.8 Released

New Feature

Add navigation bar

You can get short cut to commonly used operation by navigation bar.

The short cut is:

Clse, Save, Copy, Cut, Paste,
Scroll to left, Scroll to right, Move to left, Move to right,
Scroll up, Scroll down, Page up, Page down,
Open keyboard, Close navigation bar, Zoom in, Zoom out,

If you want to get another short cut, please send your suggestions to us..

Add debug log

You can send debug log to AndrOpen Office developers.

Please see details in the next article.

Bug Fixes

Fix for CSV and Base

It was not enabled with CSV files and new Base documents.

This is degrade and fixed in this version.

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  1. cannot open previously created password protected file