Monday, June 9, 2014

AndrOpen Office 1.5.3 Released

AndrOpen Office version 1.5.3b is released.

New Features

Support for printing (BETA version)

You can use print settings, but this is still BETA version.

You can use lpr as printer command.

(UPDATE: 2014/6/13)

AndrOepn Office 1.5.3a is released.

Security Update

Update OpenSSL version

OpenSSL version is updated from 0.9.8o to 0.9.8za.

This update for OpenSSL Security Advisory.

(UPDATE: 2014/6/19)

AndrOpen Office 1.5.3b is released.

Bug Fixes

Fix for Wnn IME

You can use Wnn based IME.

Wnn is Japanese input system.


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