Monday, February 29, 2016

PDF Import for Android now available!

The PDF Import is the most popular extension in OpenOffice Extensions site.

But it was not supported for Android because it use native code.

Now I port PDF Import for Android beta version and publish in OpenOffice Extensions site.

How to install PDF Import for Android to AndrOpen Office

1. Open Information Screen and press "Get PDF Import for Android".

2. Download OXT file

3. Open OXT file and launch AndrOpen Office

4. Press "OK" button in dialog

5. Press "Scroll Down" button and "Accept" button.

6. Restart AndrOpen Office

Please restart this application.

7. Open PDF from AndrOpen Office

Open PDF file from AndrOpen Office's file chooser and start importing PDF to AndrOpen Office.


Know Issues

  • Cannot import images. (Fixed in version 2.0)
  • Invalid font size (Fixed in version 1.0.0)

Source Code

You can AndrOpen Office from here.

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