Monday, August 22, 2016

OpenOffice for iPad Finally Released

This is cross posting from Office 700 Blog.

I'm very happy to announce this today.

Office 700 - OpenOffice for iPad version 1.0 is finally released in App Store.

Office 700 is the world's first port of OpenOffice for iOS.

It takes about 1 year from starting to develop.

Office 700 is based on open source project "Apache OpenOffice" but I had 2 big problems to port this for iOS.

1. Apache OpenOffice is not supported to build for cross compiling

Of course, Apache OpenOffice is not supported to build for iOS, but the more complex problem is not supported to build for cross compiling.

If you want to use open source project for iOS, generally you build it by cross compiling.

2. Technical and political limitations of iOS

iOS has many technical limitations and many policies for publishing to App Store.

I have to overcome these difficulties by many ideas and improvements.

As a result I need much times to port this.

I hope to enjoy Office 700 now.

Office 700 is available on:


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